“Everyone has the right to a nationality”


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  • Americas Network on Nationality and Statelessness

    The State of Statelessness in the Americas: Implementing the UNHCR Action Plan

    3 February 2016 | Alex McAnarney, America’s Network on Nationality and Statelessness (Red ANA) and the Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL)

    In November 2014, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees launched its Global Campaign to End Statelessness in 10 Years. At the event in Washington DC, UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres stressed that the Americas could be “the first continent to eradicate statelessness”.

  • Greg Constantine - Nowhere poeple - Documenting lives of stateless people in Europe

    Nowhere people – collective portrait of the 10 million stateless people

    28 January 2016 | Greg Constantine, photographer

    Early last year, while in Malta, I met Ibrahim and Abdul. Ibrahim was originally from Sierra Leone and Abdul was from Somalia. After working nine years on my project Nowhere People I was putting together what I thought would be the final chapter on Europe. I had already spent time in Ukraine, Holland and Serbia and had made two trips to Italy. Working with the local organization Aditus, my time with Ibrahim and Abdul in Malta exposed me to an entirely new element of the issue of statelessness.

  • Animated video on statelessness

    Telling the stories of stateless persons through animation

    21 January 2016 | Daniela Krajčová, Visual artist

    For me as a visual artist it is important to collaborate with people who work in the field and have in depth knowledge of the issue I’m focusing on. So when Katarína Fajnorová from Human Rights League asked me to create a series of videos on statelessness, I immediately knew that I will get an invaluable insight into the everyday experience of stateless persons in Slovakia.

  • UNICEF Ethiopia

    Ensuring gender equal nationality laws is key to ending statelessness

    15 January 2016 | Catherine Harrington, Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights

    If statelessness is to be eradicated, it is vital that all States ensure that women and men have equal nationality rights – rights that govern one’s ability to acquire, change, retain and confer citizenship. Gender discrimination in nationality laws is one of the leading causes of statelessness, a fact underscored in UNHCR’s Global Action Plan to End Statelessness, which counts Action #3 as ending gender discrimination in nationality laws.

  • Creating a regional network on statelessness in Central Asia and lessons from Europe

    8 January 2016 | Allan Leas, Chair of ENS Board of Trustees

    When Chris Nash, the Director of ENS, called to ask if I was available to represent the organisation in a meeting on statelessness in Almaty, Kazakhstan, my first action was to reach for my Atlas. As I suspected, this central Asian metropolis was a relatively short hop to the Chinese border. This was to be a long journey.  

  • Everyone has the right to a nationality - Plaque at the main UN building in Geneva

    Season’s greetings from all of us at the European Network on Statelessness

    22 December 2015 | European Network on Statelessness

    ENS sends its warmest wishes to everyone supporting the cause. We have a number of planned initiatives on the horizon, and we are hopeful that momentum is on our side. As a network we are especially excited about opportunities to build new coalitions and gain new supporters. So watch this space.

    We’re taking a short break, but will resume our blog on Wednesday 6 January.

    Till then, happy holidays everyone!

    p.s. In case you’ve missed them, here are the three most read ENS blog posts in 2015.

  • Pascal Schumacher

    Council conclusions demonstrate the EU’s commitment to address statelessness

    16 December 2015 | Pascal Schumacher, JHA Counsellor responsible for migratory issues during the Luxembourgish Presidency

    The year 2015 is coming to an end and yet, every 10 minutes a child is born without a nationality. The problem is considerable and the numbers speak for themselves: 10 million stateless people in the world; more than 400 000 in the EU alone; more than 70 000 children a year born into statelessness; more than 19 countries with a stateless population of over 10 000 people.

  • ENS meeting in European Parliament - 1 December 2015, Brussels

    The emerging role of the EU in eradicating childhood statelessness

    8 December 2015 | Jean Lambert, Member of the European Parliament

    As the year draws to a close we can confidently say that the issue of statelessness and what can be done to tackle it at the EU level, is higher up the political agenda than it was 12 months ago.

  • Protecting Stateless Persons from Arbitrary detention - Toolkit cover

    It’s time to take action to protect stateless persons from arbitrary detention

    30 November 2015 | François Crépeau, UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants

    The immigration detention of stateless persons is one of the silent tragedies of our globalised world that plays out behind closed doors, away from the gaze of the media, but with significant, irreparable human cost. It is a tragedy that is completely preventable, but due to a lack of will and attention, continues to harm thousands of lives all around the world every year.

  • European Youth Parliament session on statelessness

    Taking Inspiration from Europe's youth committed to ending Statelessness

    25 November 2015 | Aleksandra Semeriak, #StatelessKids campaign steering group member

    Last week the European Youth Parliament (EYP), an educational parliamentary simulation programme for young people, celebrated its 80th International Session in the German city of Leipzig, attended by more than 300 students from 39 European countries.


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