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  • ENS is recruiting two new posts but meanwhile our blog is going on holiday

    7 August 2015

    Just to inform our readers that the ENS blog will be taking a short break until September, but meanwhile ENS is pleased to announce that we are recruiting both a Communications Manager and an Operations Manager.

  • 'Transforming Our World’ - How can we make sure no one is left behind?

    29 July 2015

    In September, the leaders of the United Nations Member States will meet to adopt the global agenda for development post-2015, the document containing a series of 17 goals that will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as the go-to guidelines for how global development should be directed.

  • Let’s talk about the army

    23 July 2015

    How is the army relevant to statelessness? Conscription, a compulsory participation of citizens in their states’ military, still exists in over 60 countries around the world. Military duty is an illustration of a questionable assumption that can be made in the discourse on statelessness, namely that statelessness always equals vulnerability, while nationality always equals protection.

  • A Generation of Syrians Born in Exile Risk a Future of Statelessness

    15 July 2015

    Doctor Nazir’s pregnant wife arrived in Turkey with a one-year old and no documentation. They had fled the unbearable bombardment of their home town, Aleppo, while Dr. Nazir remained in Syria to work in an underground field hospital. Dr. Nazir had defected from the Syrian military in 2012, and was officially declared dead the same year. Because he no longer legally existed, Dr. Nazir was unable to register his 2013 marriage or the birth of his first child in Aleppo.

  • In pursuit of solutions for the stateless

    8 July 2015

    In pursuit of solutions was the theme of last week’s 2015 UNHCR NGO Consultations, a focus that perfectly captures the motivation behind UNHCR’s #ibelong campaign which seeks to eradicate statelessness within a decade. It also represents a good moment to pause and reflect on how far we have collectively travelled on our journey towards meeting this objective.

  • Ending childhood statelessness in Italy?

    30 June 2015

    Over the last few years, the problem of childhood statelessness has gained in importance in Italy. The need to adopt adequate legislation and policies as well as practical measures to reduce and to avoid the risk of stateless children has become a priority.

  • Teaching children about statelessness

    24 June 2015

    I take a deep breath and walk into the noisy classroom. My friend, another lawyer from the Halina Niec Legal Aid Centre (HNLAC) follows suit, her step a bit shaky. We are not used to this. We would be more comfortable talking to foreigners in migration detention or rendering legal aid to asylum seekers, even a courtroom seems like a safer and more relaxed place right now.

  • The jus sanguinis bias of Europe and what it means for childhood statelessness

    17 June 2015

    Who is more Dutch: a child born to Dutch nationals in Australia (child A), or a child born to Australian nationals in the Netherlands (child B)? Chances are that if you come from Europe, you will think that child A is more Dutch than child B. This answer is supported by Dutch nationality legislation: while child A is unquestioningly Dutch, child B is only (eligible to become) Dutch under exceptional circumstances.

  • Romania’s stateless children – still unknown, still invisible

    11 June 2015

    When I started working on statelessness in 2009 I was told by more experienced colleagues from civil society organizations, as well as by public authorities with whom I collaborate, that statelessness “is a non-issue in Romania”, just one of those “very marginal” topics that only affect “a handful of...

  • "None of Europe's children should be stateless" - Conference Action Statement & next steps with the campaign!

    8 June 2015

    Our conference in Budapest last week represented an important step in ENS's campaign "None of Europe's children should be stateless".


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