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  • Stateless in the Netherlands

    China’s hidden children: denied documents and at risk of statelessness

    19 January 2017 | Stephanie Gordon, PhD candidate - University of Leicester

    Perched on a child-sized chair, I sat in a makeshift pre-school classroom situated on the ground floor of an apartment complex on the outskirts of Beijing. I was discussing with Ms. Cheng, the situation faced by a single mother in Beijing, 2014. Next to Ms. Cheng sat her four-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Xiao Cheng. Ms. Cheng was worried, because her daughter was approaching six years, the time to enter primary education, and Xiao Cheng lacked the documents necessary to enter a school in Beijing.

  • Statelessness in Georgia – how to make good laws better

    9 January 2017 | Max McClellan

    “We know our laws and policies on statelessness are good, but we want them to be perfect, tell us how we do that” – representative from Georgian Government agency.

  • Season’s greetings from everyone at ENS

    22 December 2016 | ENS Team

    Dear Reader,

    Thank you for following ENS updates on statelessness and nationality law in 2016. It's been a very busy and successful year, in great part thanks to our membership, youth ambassadors and our partners who've worked with us to help make real progress on tackling statelessness.

    We’ll be taking a short 2 week break, and are resuming our blog on the week of the 9th January.

    In the mean time, we wish you all the best for 2017.

  • Report cover: Protecting stateless persons from arbitrary detention in Ukraine

    The situation of stateless persons in Ukraine: is there light at the end of the tunnel?

    20 December 2016 | Ostap Tymchiy, Advocate, Expert on migration at The Right to Protection in partnership with HIAS

    “I am not a criminal. I am an educated person, I must have more rights. This detention looks like criminal detention but I am not a criminal”.

  • Halina Niec Legal Aid Center - #StatelessKids camapig in Poland

    #StatelessKids in Poland – Giving stateless children a voice

    15 December 2016 | Katarzyna Przybysławska, Director of the Halina Niec Legal Aid Center

    Dear Mr President,

    There are many stateless people living in Poland. They have no chance of a normal life, they cannot access higher education or even rent an apartment. Did you know about this? I didn’t. Now that I do, I would like to ask you to make Poland sign the Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons.


  • #StatelessKids in Slovenia – The Peace Institute and ENS Youth Ambassadors show innovation is key when speaking about statelessness to new audiences

    8 December 2016 | Katarina Vučko (Peace Institute Slovenia); Sara Horvat, Nina Markovič, Sara Bagari (ENS Youth Ambassadors)

    As part of a push to end childhood statelessness in Europe, ENS organised a region-wide campaign #StatelessKids to raise awareness and promote measures to ensure that children can realise their right to a nationality. In addition to the pan-European aspect of the campaign (which was covered on this blog) a wide range of activities were organies by ENS memebrs on the national level.

  • Report cover: "understanding statelessness in the Syria refugee context"

    Helping refugee practitioners working on the Syria crisis to understand statelessness

    30 November 2016 | Laura van Waas, Co-Director of the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion
  • Working together to end childhood statelessness in Europe

    24 November 2016 | Jean Lambert MEP and Manlio Di Stefano PACE Member

    Should Europe be doing more to tackle childhood statelessness? Absolutely. To discuss how to push the issue further up the agenda and to find new ways of working together influential actors from the Council of Europe, European Parliament and civil society gathered together on 22 November at an evening reception in Strasbourg to mark the #StatelessKids campaign.

  • Cover of the report

    Counting down the days in detention: the situation of stateless persons in Bulgaria

    18 November 2016 | Dr. Valeria Ilareva, Foundation for Access to Rights - FAR

    Tarek, a stateless person originating from Afghanistan, is counting down the days till 27 November. It's when he will have spent 18 months in immigration detention, the maximum time allowed under Bulgarian and European Union law. At that point he will have to be released. For all the time spent in detention the authorities haven't been able to deport him. He was never identified as stateless prior or during detention, but was registered as an Afghan national.

  • ENS Detention Report cover

    Facing a lifetime of uncertainty: Protecting stateless persons from arbitrary detention in the UK

    10 November 2016 | Katia Bianchini, ENS researcher & Max Planck Institute for Religious Studies and Ethnic Diversity (Goettingen, Germany)

    There are no human rights in the United Kingdom”, said Yassin, a stateless Bidoon from Kuwait in his late twenties. He came to the UK in 2007 to seek asylum but his claim was refused. Later he contacted the Kuwaiti embassy only to find out that he cannot apply for citizenship. He has been in the UK on temporary admission for nine years. He is frustrated and without any faith in the system which he thinks is unjust and arbitrary.


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