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Statelessness is a major human rights problem in Europe. Yet little is known about its causes and consequences and who it affects. The European Network on Statelessness aims to raise awareness about this phenomenon, and provide a platform for collaboration and coordination among civil society organizations in this field.

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The European Network on Statelessness uses various forms of social media to reach new audiences in Europe.

Our blog provides opinion and analysis of current developments. If you want more in-depth analysis, visit our resource page where you find relevant publications by our members and other organizations.

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For media enquiries and further information about our communications activities contact ENS Director Chris Nash at chris.nash@statelessness.eu or info@statelessness.eu

  • “The problem of

    statelessness in Europe must be given priority. Many victims have little possibility themselves to be heard and are in many cases silenced by their fear of further discrimination.”

    Thomas Hammarberg, 2010
  • Statelessness

    is a little-known yet widespread problem in Europe – ENS aims to promote more awareness of this phenomenon

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