“Everyone has the right to a nationality”

Asylum Protection Centre (Centar za zaštitu i pomoć tražiocima azila)

Asylum Protection Centre (APC) was founded in 2007 and provides legal, psychosocial and interaction/integration aid to exiles, asylum seekers and persons who have been granted asylum or other protection in the Republic of Serbia (also focusing on children and youth, providing legal, psychosocial, interaction/integration aid to minors, unaccompanied minors and youth). APC provides comprehensive support to asylum seekers across Serbia and has a strong presence at the local community level. APC political scientists and researchers actively work in the field of research and advocacy, using extensive APC experience and field data, in order identify problems and solutions, raise awareness among the general public and experts, and reduce prejudice and xenophobia in local communities and among the general public, towards building a more tolerant and inclusive society in Serbia.