“Everyone has the right to a nationality”

Conselho Português para os Refugiados

Conselho Português para os Refugiados (CPR), founded in 1991, is the leading Development NGO in Portugal working on asylum and refugee issues. CPR’s core activities include to play a consultative role in refugee status determination procedures and to provide free legal aid to asylum seekers and refugees at all stages of the asylum procedure. It is also mandated to provide initial reception and social support to asylum seekers and resettled refugees, as well as promoting their integration in the Portuguese society with assistance for employment and training, and Portuguese language classes. CPR runs two reception centres for refugees in Portugal, one of them dedicated to the support of unaccompanied refugee minors. CPR also seeks to raise public awareness and mainstream refugee rights into public debate for a more inclusive society notably through advocacy initiatives (conferences, seminars, training courses). CPR was awarded with the "Human Rights Award" of the Portuguese Parliament, in 2000.