“Everyone has the right to a nationality”

Equal Rights Trust

The Equal Rights Trust (ERT) is an independent international organisation, established to combat discrimination and promote equality as a fundamental human right and a basic principle of social justice. An advocacy organisation, resource centre and think-tank, ERT focuses on the complex and complementary relationship between different types of discrimination, developing strategies for translating principles of equality into practice.

ERT specialises in nationality and statelessness issues, recognising undocumented and stateless persons as particularly vulnerable to discrimination and prioritising the need to strengthen their protection. ERT’s statelessness work is global in scale, with a strong focus on particularly vulnerable stateless communities including the Rohingya of Myanmar. However, much of ERT’s research, advocacy, training, awareness raising and standard setting work is relevant to Europe. ERT’s engagement on statelessness has particularly focussed on the detention and discrimination of stateless persons.