“Everyone has the right to a nationality”

Kuwaiti Community Association

The Kuwaiti Community Association (KCA) is a voluntary organisation founded in 2001 to represent, support and meet the specific needs of the Kuwaiti Bidoon Community in Harrow (London) and the surrounding area. KCA is a small but impactful non-profit whose staff mostly consists of volunteers and members of the local Kuwaiti community. KCA's work focuses on securing the rights of the Kuwaiti stateless (Bidoon) community in the UK and elsewhere. We have previously helped to provide research for organisations such as Asylum Aid and UNHCR, in some instances influencing national policy concerning the issue of stateless communities. On a local level, we are based in Harrow, London, where our office is frequented by Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti Bidoon who are struggling to assimilate and in need of legal or personal help. WIth over fifteen years experience in providing this help, we have built up strong personal relationships with many of our clients, based on trust and mutual respect.