“Everyone has the right to a nationality”

Maureen Lynch

Maureen Lynch is an independent humanitarian advocate and researcher based in Washington, DC.  She is a member of the International Observatory on Statelessness at Kingston University in London.  Previously Maureen was the Senior Advocate for Statelessness Initiatives at Refugees International where much of her work was based on her 2005 report Lives on Hold:  The Human Cost of Statelessness and RI’s 2009 report Nationality Rights for All:  Progress Report and Global Survey on Statelessness. During her tenure at RI, she undertook humanitarian assessment missions to more than 25 countries including Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cote d’ Ivoire, Haiti, Ingushetia, Kosovo, Kuwait, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Syria, and Zimbabwe. Prior to RI, Maureen worked for UNHCR.  Maureen is co-editor of Statelessness and Citizenship: A Comparative Study on the Benefits of Nationality. She has written and presented on issues including refugees, IDPs, stateless persons, immigration, human rights, psychology, child development, and family studies.