“Everyone has the right to a nationality”

Roma Active Albania

Roma Active Albania (RAA) was established in April 2006 to contribute to the empowerment and mobilisation of Roma, bringing them together in a Roma grassroots movement that can change the position of Roma and fight against exclusionary mechanisms. It lobbies and advocates on Roma issues at local, national and international levels. RAA is specialised in addressing issues, conducting analysis and developing new methods and strategies to tackle the exclusion of Roma people in Albania and Europe. RAA also supports the empowerment of women and youth. We were granted the European Commission 'Award on Roma Inclusion in Western Balkans and Turkey 2014' to honor the contribution and work of our organisation in supporting the social inclusion of Roma.

Roma Active Albania is an active and founding member of the ERGO network, and was a founding member of the TernYpe International Young Roma Network, supporting the efforts of Roma youth organisations.