“Everyone has the right to a nationality”

Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes España (SJME)

The Jesuit Migrant Service – Spain (Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes España) is a network of Jesuit organizations focused on providing support, service and protection for migrants and migrant organizations. To this end it implements intervention projects (related to reception of migrants, training, associative accompaniment, human rights advocacy, etc.) and carries out public awareness, advocacy campaigns and research initiatives. The JMS is made up of different organizations committed to the objective of promoting an inclusive, cohesive and intercultural society: the University Institute of Migration Studies (Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid),the Migra Studium Foundation (Barcelona), the  CeiMigra  Foundation (Valencia), the San Juan del Castillo Foundation  (Madrid), the  Ignacio Ellacuría social Foundation (Bilbao) and the Claver Volunteer Association (Sevilla).  It works in coordination with the JMS Latin America-Caribbean and joins efforts with the Jesuit Refugee Service Europe to take part in Northern Africa where they work with migrant populations.