“Everyone has the right to a nationality”

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Your generous support allows ENS to lead the efforts to increase the focus on statelessness and to translate this into tangible protection for those affected. We remain dedicated to strengthening the often unheard voices of stateless persons in Europe. 

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Payroll Giving allows you to make regular donations to ENS directly from your salary. Not only is it a super simple way to support us, you only need to complete an online form, but it’s also the most tax effective, because donations are deducted before you pay tax. There is no long-term commitment. If your circumstances change and you no longer wish to donate to us‚ you can simply cancel the donations.

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To find out more about other ways to help us such as leaving a legacy or a major donation do get int ouch with us directly. You can email us info@statelessness.eu or call us on 020 7354 9631 ext 201.

  • Too often, stateless people

    suffer from human rights abuses – more must be done to help these vulnerable individuals