Female Fellows e.V.

Female Fellows e.V is a non-profit organisation with the mission to empower, inform, include and integrate third-country national women alongside host country female fellows in social, economic and political aspects of their societies in Germany and in Europe. Our vision is to build a society where everyone, including women with migrant and refugee background in Germany and Europe, have a decent and comfortable life together with their female fellows.

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Refugee Law Clinic Bochum

We are a street-law-clinic, providing legal consultation and working on cases related to migration and asylum law in Germany, since eastern 2015. We were established by law-students as a private club/students-initiative, in cooperation with our university and some professors. We are supported, pro-bono, by professional experts (lawyers). They supervise our work and can also take cases, when it is necessary.

Refugee Law Clinic Bochum website

Refugee Law Clinic Cologne

The Refugee Law Clinic is a project conducted by law students from Cologne which supports migrants, in particular refugees and asylum seekers. They offer pro-bono legal and non-legal advice and other support, e.g. accompanying and giving guidance to clients when attending appointments with the border agency. To that end the Refugee Law Clinic collaborates with qualified lawyers and other charity organisations.

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Trixiewiz e.V.

Trixiewiz e.V. is a migrant and feminist organisation committed to creating sustainable forms of solidarity in a society shaped by migration. We see ourselves as a space for collaborative networking where we can develop new and effective forms of transnational political participation. To do so, we organise emancipatory projects in which migrants (particularly women*) are treated not simply as audience members, but, above all, as experts in their own right. Through political, cultural, and educational programmes for people who have experienced migration and/or flight, we develop participatory strategies to combat racism and discrimination and initiate processes of self-empowerment. 

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