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Aleksejs Ivashuk

Aleksejs Ivashuk has never had any citizenship or nationality. He was born in Riga, Latvian Republic of USSR. Not long after his birth, Latvia gained independence and, contrary to political assurances, implemented policies that deprived its ethnic minorities of an equal right to citizenship.  
Despite the numerous obstacles inherent in such a status, Aleksejs achieved a respectable level of educational and professional development. He graduated with a Master’s in Political Science from Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada, and at undergraduate level, graduated with an Honours Philosophy and B.A. Political Science degrees from University of Winnipeg (UofW), Canada. Professionally, Aleksejs worked for the Canadian Green Party, U.S. Senate, and at global risk management firms Thomson Reuters and IPSA International, specializing in citizenship-by-investment programmes. In Canada, being actively involved with the Canadian Red Cross, he received an Award of Appreciation from the humanitarian organization.

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Latvian Centre for Human Rights

The Latvian Centre for Human Rights (LCHR) was established in 1993 with a view to promoting human rights and tolerance in Latvia through monitoring, research, advocacy, legal assistance and training activities. LCHR focuses on issues related to human rights in places of detention (prisons, police, immigration detention facilities), integration (minority rights and tolerance), non-discrimination, hate crimes and asylum/migration, LCHR provides legal advice to victims of human rights violations, including the representation of clients in court. LCHR frequently provides expert opinions both locally and internationally. Apart from collecting data, providing analysis and expertise, conducting research and publishing reports, the LCHR has been actively involved in advocacy for change, ranging from raising public awareness to specific policy or legislative changes. LCHR is the national focal point of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency’s FRANET network and member of the International Network against Cyber Hate.

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