Legal Center Montenegro

Legal Center Montenegro is a non-governmental organization, established in 2007 with a mandate to provide counselling, legal assistance on behalf of displaced persons from Kosovo and refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina - particularly members of minority groups such as the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian (RAE) communities who often lack documents and face discrimination. It especially strives to contribute to the prevention of statelessness which particularly affects the RAE population displaced during the conflicts in the region, and to ensure their equal access to rights. 

Walk with us - Phiren amenca

Roma Youth Organization Walk with us - Phiren Amenca is the first and currently the only active organization in Montenegro engaged with Roma youth. Their members are university and high school students from the Roma community. They are actively engaged in all organisation activities and are using their education and knowledge to fascilitate  the approach to different services and thus, improve the position of the Roma. Their activities besides youth sector are based on the community actions and advocacy in the field of education, employment, legal status, social inclusion, housing. Their office is located in the biggest Roma community in Montenegro, making them well placed to directly address issues for those Roma encountering difficulties in above mentioned areas. This community based approach of work made them a credible organisation among Roma community, which is focused on their needs and advocacy  toward the institutions.

Walk with us - Phiren amenca website