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Bairska Svetlina (Centre for Development of Roma Community)

Bairska Svetina is a non-governmental organization that contributes to strengthening the capacity of Roma communities, improving their socio-economic status, building of capacities among young Roma activists and improving the level of education.

Namely, our organizational mission is based aiming toward enjoyment of basic human rights and direct inclusion and integration the Roma community in the processes. Also, the point for inclusion is based on the strategically access of Bairska Svetlina which main aim is to develop a method of clear organizational orientation by taking the activities by priority areas and establishing partnerships in order to improve the situation of the Roma community.

Center for Development of Roma community "Bairska Svetlina" counts more than 10 active volunteers who together create a model of development, dissemination and contribution.


Bairska Svetlina (Centre for Development of Roma Community) website

Macedonian Young Lawyers Association

The Macedonian Young Lawyers Association (MYLA) is an association of lawyers established in 2004 to serve the needs of the local community for qualified and easily accessible pro bono legal service related to the protection of human rights and freedoms and support to the socially marginalized groups. MYLA monitors implementation of laws and regulations related to protection of human rights, anti-discrimination, birth registration and prevention and reduction of statelessness through screening of the legal implementation process, analytical work and preparation and publication of reports.

Macedonian Young Lawyers Association website

Roma Lawyers Association

The Roma Lawyers Association is an independent not-profit association formed by a group of Roma law students and the first Roma female attorney at law, who is one of the only two Roma attorneys in Macedonia. The association was founded in August 2015 as a response to the need of Roma lawyers to get into the legal profession and be able to represent the interest of Roma community, influence the government, be a public opinion shaper, initiate policy and legislative analysis and changes, and advocate. The final aim is to ensure the full enjoyment of rights by the Roma community as granted by the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Macedonia.

Roma Lawyers Association website