Haqqi Bahram

Haqqi Bahram is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO) of Linköping University, Sweden. His research focuses on the legacy of statelessness and identity formation in post-statelessness and forced displacement contexts. His work engages experiences of stateless Syrian Kurds in Europe to study stateless standpoints and activism, social and political inclusion and transitional justice. Haqqi teaches on citizenship, exclusion and conflict and he has previously worked as a senior officer on humanitarian aid and development programmes implemented in Syria.

Jason Tucker

Jason Tucker is a post-doctoral researcher at Malmö Institute of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM), Malmö University, Sweden. He was awarded his PhD from the University of Bath in 2014. His main area of research is on the nexus between statelessness and forced migration. He is currently undertaking a project on the indefinite statelessness of some stateless refugees in Sweden and Denmark, as well as exploring the framing of stateless refugees under international law. Jason teaches on asylum and refugee law, migration and citizenship and migration theory. Prior to his current position Jason worked on statelessness for UNHCR Central Asia and UNHCR Northern Europe.

Lynn Al Khatib

My name is Lynn Al Khatib, I was born as a stateless Palestinian in Syria 1992. And in the past few years I have been a human/refugees rights activist. 

Swedish Organization Against Statelessness (SOAS)

We are a newly started organization in Sweden that raises awareness on issues relating to statelessness. We mainly work with advocacy and lobbying rather than individual, direct support to persons affected by statelessness. Our goal is to amplify the voices of stateless persons and raising awareness in Sweden, in order to change policy and laws to end statelessness and ensure the protection of stateless persons’ rights. 

Swedish Organization Against Statelessness (SOAS) website

Swedish Refugee Law Center

Swedish Refugee Law Center The Swedish Refugee Law Center is an asylum center that has worked for legally certain asylum procedures since 1991 and that the Swedish asylum process is in line with international human rights conventions that Sweden. We are a religiously and politically independent non-profit association with around fifteen lawyers who have previously worked at the Migration Agency, the migration courts and law firms specialised in migration law and human rights. We provide legal advice and work as legal representatives and public counsels in individual cases, both nationally and internationally. We also analyse and comment on new law proposals.

Swedish Refugee Law Center website

The Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups (FARR)

The Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups, FARR, is a politically and religiously independent umbrella organization that assists refugee groups, asylum committees and individuals. We are well established in Sweden since 1988. FARR sees providing information about the asylum system at all stages of the procedure to asylum-seekers. Therefore, we have produced a guide called “Good Advice to Asylum Seekers” published in six languages and available on our websitewww.farr.se. FARR is a grassroots’ organization where all the work is done on a voluntary basis. The 55 local groups  cooperate with asylum lawyers and have members that are experienced in asylum law and rules. Our services are free. FARR operates a volunteer help-line to deal with questions from asylum-seekers and those assisting them. Journalists from the media also contact us on a regular basis. People seeking information or advice can also send e-mail requests toinfo@farr.se  that are answered by law-students under the supervision of an experienced board member.

The Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups (FARR) website