Haqqi Bahram

Haqqi Bahram is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO) of Linköping University, Sweden. His research focuses on the legacy of statelessness and identity formation in post-statelessness and forced displacement contexts. His work engages experiences of stateless Syrian Kurds in Europe to study stateless standpoints and activism, social and political inclusion and transitional justice. Haqqi teaches on citizenship, exclusion and conflict and he has previously worked as a senior officer on humanitarian aid and development programmes implemented in Syria.

Lynn Al Khatib

Lynn was born as a stateless Palestinian in Syria. In 2014, Lynn arrived in Sweden and has since been working to raise awareness on the impact statelessness has on people living in Europe. She has been advocating for better treatment and respect of stateless people's rights. She has spoken at various regional and national events on the issue, and is an active member of the European Network on Statelessness and the Swedish Organisation Against Statelessness.