Member summary

Our Advisory Committee comprises a cross-section of our membership who provide additional advice and guidance to both the secretariat and the Board of Trustees.

Lynn Al Khatib

Lynn was born as a stateless Palestinian in Syria. In 2014, Lynn arrived in Sweden and has since been working to raise awareness on the impact statelessness has on people living in Europe. She has been advocating for better treatment and respect of stateless people's rights. She has spoken at various regional and national events on the issue, and is an active member of the European Network on Statelessness and the Swedish Organisation Against Statelessness.

Swedish Organization Against Statelessness (SOAS)

The Swedish Organization Against Statelessness is an NGO that raises awareness on issues relating to statelessness. The organization mainly works with advocacy and lobbying. The goal of the organization is to amplify the voices of stateless persons, which is done through a reference group, in order to change policy and laws to end statelessness and ensure the protection of stateless persons’ rights.

Swedish Organization Against Statelessness (SOAS) website