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Refugee Rights Turkey

‘Refugee Rights Turkey’ is an independent human rights organization based in Istanbul, which provides legal information and assistance services to asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants, organizes trainings and generates reference materials for lawyers and NGO workers, and advocates for improvements in Turkey’s legislation and policy concerning the legal protection of refugees and migrants in line with international standards. From 2005 to 2015, the organization existed by the name of ‘Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly – Refugee Advocacy and Support Program’ (HCA-RASP). As of March 2015 it was formally transitioned into a new organizational framework and rebranded ‘Refugee Rights Turkey’. It remains a leading civil society voice on refugee and migrant protection issues in Turkey and internationally.

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Yesim Mutlu

Yeşim Mutlu is an independent advocate and researcher based in Turkey. She was awarded her B.A., M.A. and PhD from the Sociology Department in the Middle East Technical University. Her research interests include conflict-induced internal displacement, (arbitrary) revocation of citizenship, statelessness, human rights, gender and security, children's right and secondary trauma. Besides her academic studies, for more than ten years, she has worked, either as a consultant or as a researcher, in research projects conducted by national and international organizations on various subjects, many of focusing on disadvantaged groups. Among  others, in 2015, she was awarded a research grant by Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Turkey and conducted the research on Syrian children's risk of statelessness in Turkey. She was also awarded another research grant by Turkey’s Centre for Prison Studies in 2018, and wrote the report about stateless persons in Turkish prisons. She is currently working for awareness raising about (the risk of) statelessness in Turkey and creating the website