HIAS Europe

HIAS Europe stands for a world where refugees find safety, opportunity, and welcome. Guided by Jewish values and history, we manage humanitarian programming worldwide and support European Jewish organisations and activists in their efforts to welcome and integrate refugees. We add a Jewish voice to discussions on humanitarian, development and forced migration issues, especially vis-a-vis the European institutions and European governments.

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International Foundation for Health and Environmental Protection “Region Karpat” (NEEKA)

International Foundation for Health and Environment Protection "Region Karpat" (the abbreviation in Hungarian is NEEKA) is the international charitable organization, created in 1996 and registered in 1998 as a legal entity in Zakarpattya region, Ukraine. Since that time NEEKA contributed to the development of health protection, medical assistance to the population, social protection for persons with vulnerabilities, and as one of the key direction -free legal aid and partially social assistance to such vulnerable groups as asylum seekers, refugees, stateless persons and Roma people. Our NGO has a well-established cooperation and relationship with government bodies at the local and central levels, as well as with other civil society institutions involved into this scope.

International Foundation for Health and Environmental Protection “Region Karpat” (NEEKA) website