Aleksejs Ivashuk

Aleksejs Ivashuk has never had any citizenship or nationality. He was born in Riga, Latvian Republic of USSR. Not long after his birth, Latvia gained independence and, contrary to political assurances, implemented policies that deprived its ethnic minorities of an equal right to citizenship. 聽
Despite the numerous obstacles inherent in such a status, Aleksejs achieved a respectable level of educational and professional development. He graduated with a Master鈥檚 in Political Science from Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada, and at undergraduate level, graduated with an Honours Philosophy and B.A. Political Science degrees from University of Winnipeg (UofW), Canada. Professionally, Aleksejs worked for the Canadian Green Party, U.S. Senate, and at global risk management firms Thomson Reuters and IPSA International, specializing in citizenship-by-investment programmes. In Canada, being actively involved with the Canadian Red Cross, he received an Award of Appreciation from the humanitarian organization.

Aleksejs Ivashuk website

ASKV Refugee Support

ASKV is an Amsterdam-based organisation providing legal assistance and social support to rejected asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Over the past thirty years, ASKV has supported undocumented migrants with a refugee background by providing shelter, legal and social assistance, daytime activities, and vocational training. Within the organisation there is a dedicated focus on direct assistance to stateless persons and we work on structural improvements in their situation including through strategic litigation, research and awareness campaigns. ASKV is a vocal advocate for refugee and stateless rights, both locally and nationally and engages in direct policy advocacy for durable improvements in Dutch policy. ASKV鈥檚 multifaceted approach to assistance and support for undocumented (stateless) refugees ultimately aims to secure their right to residence in the Netherlands and end their precarious and marginalised existence.

ASKV Refugee Support website

Bhutanese Welfare Association in UK (BWA)

The Bhutanese Welfare Association (BWA) is a non-profit organisation established on 27th July 2011. It was established by a group of Bhutanese people within the UK to bring all Bhutanese together to nurture, facilitate, empower and promote Bhutan鈥檚 culture, and to aid the population in the development of the skills that are essential for establishing a new life in the United Kingdom. The mission of BWA is to ensure the development of support services that will enable the Bhutanese people to improve their standard of living and increase their self-worth, independence, and autonomy.
BWA鈥檚 methods for facilitating the growth of Bhutanese culture, social integration and personal development of individuals includes various activities, programs and guidance. It is an invaluable resource for all Bhutanese to discover their strength and potential to thrive at the start of a new life in a new country, by successfully adjusting to English culture while also retaining their own traditions.聽

Bhutanese Welfare Association in UK (BWA) website

Christiana Bukalo

Christiana Bukalo is the co-founder of Statefree and Trustee of the European Network on Statelessness. Christiana was born in Germany to West African parents and has been affected by statelessness since then. Motivated by her increasing frustration around intransparency, lack of information and the communication gap between stateless individuals and organisations, she decided to create, a digital platform for stateless people and their allies (NGOs, academics, lawyers etc.). Statefree鈥檚 mission is to facilitate communication, information sharing and connection between stateless individuals and their advocates by providing a space that enables community building. Prior to starting Statefree Christiana worked various areas, some of which included Communication, Change Management, Organisational Development & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Christiana Bukalo website

Cynthia Orchard

Cynthia Orchard is a human rights lawyer, trainer and policy expert. She was the Statelessness Policy and Casework Coordinator at Consonant (formerly Asylum Aid and Migrants Resource Centre) from 2018-2020 and Legal Policy Officer at Asylum Aid 2016-2018. She has previously worked with UNHCR (London), REDRESS, BADIL (the Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights), Oxford鈥檚 Refugee Studies Centre, the Center for Exchange and Solidarity in El Salvador and several other NGOs, and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ivory Coast, West Africa. Cynthia was Consonant/Asylum Aid鈥檚 member of the Advisory Committee of the European Network on Statelessness for four years and collaborated closely with ENS and other organisations and individuals working on statelessness. She has a Bachelors degree in Political Science (University of California at Santa Barbara), Juris Doctorate (University of Virginia), and Masters degree in International Human Rights Law (University of Oxford). She speaks English (native), Spanish (fluent), French (basic) and Russian (basic).

Fundaci贸n CEPAIM - Acci贸n Integral con Migrantes

Fundaci贸n Cepaim's main mission is the provision of comprehensive support to migrants, asylum seekers, stateless persons, as well as nationals, in order to promote social cohesion and fight poverty and social exclusion. Through cooperation with public institutions, private actors and stakeholders, its goal is to achieve an inclusive, diverse and multicultural society, and to enhance communications and relationships between individuals with different social and cultural backgrounds. It is inspired by the principles of equality and non discrimination, cultural diversity, social justice, solidarity, and social transformation. There are different fields where Fundaci贸n Cepaim implements its activities focusing on the enhancement of an inclusive society: reception and international protection, employment, youth and family support, community-based development, equality and non discrimination, international cooperation, housing, interculturality and rural development. Its advocacy work aims to promote research, training, and to raise awareness and achieve social advancements in the fields of migration, social and residential exclusion, social vulnerability and cooperation with developing countries.
Fundaci贸n Cepaim are part of the International Protection National Reception System which includes beneficiaries and applicants of stateless status in Spain, and it offers them accommodation and cover their basic needs while affording them free legal and psychological aid and interpretation, and the assistance of social workers in their pathway to integration in Spain.

Fundaci贸n CEPAIM - Acci贸n Integral con Migrantes website

Halina Nie膰 Legal Aid Center (HNLAC)

HNLAC is a non-profit non-governmental organization established in 2002 in Krak贸w. HNLAC鈥檚 main objective is to protect human rights by providing free legal aid to persons at risk of social exclusion and discrimination, including the poor, victims of domestic violence, foreigners, asylum seekers, stateless persons and refugees. The HNLAC also monitors the adherence to standards of human rights, undertakes legal interventions and advocacy activities, and pursues research and educational projects. The Center also undertakes activities aimed at preventing and tackling human and child trafficking by organizing social campaigns and offering legal aid to the victims. HNLAC is a UNHCR implementing partner in Poland.

Halina Nie膰 Legal Aid Center (HNLAC) website

Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion

The Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to leading an integrated, inter-disciplinary response to the injustice of statelessness and exclusion. We believe in the value of research, education, partnership and advocacy as means to promote the inclusion of the stateless and the disenfranchised. We aim to develop and share our skills and expertise with partners in civil society, academia, the UN and governments, and to serve as a catalyst for change. The Institute is registered as a Foundation under Dutch Law, and has an affiliation with Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion website

Jyothi Kanics

Jyothi Kanics has a Masters in International Human Rights Law from the University of Oxford and a Masters in International Relations from Yale University. She is currently working as an Associate Member of Child Circle and completing her PhD at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lucerne. Since 1995 she has been active with NGOs and international organisations including UNICEF, UNHCR, Save the Children and OSCE ODIHR advocating for the rights of migrants in vulnerable situations such as separated children, trafficked persons, undocumented migrants and stateless persons. She continues to provide expert advice to the Council of Europe and OSCE as well as to various foundations and NGOs. She is an active individual member of the European Network on Statelessness in Switzerland and advised the ENS on its #StatelessKids campaign.

Lynn Al Khatib

Lynn was born as a stateless Palestinian in Syria. In 2014, Lynn arrived in Sweden and has since been working to raise awareness on the impact statelessness has on people living in Europe. She has been advocating for better treatment and respect of stateless people's rights. She has spoken at various regional and national events on the issue, and is an active member of the European Network on Statelessness and the Swedish Organisation Against Statelessness.