Who we are

ENS was established in 2012 as a coordinating body and expert resource for organisations and individuals working to promote the right to a nationality in Europe. Since then we have grown into a dynamic organisation with a dedicated staff team of ten and a committed membership spanning 41 European countries. We strive to be an effective catalyst for change, mobilising key actors and galvanising civil society action on an issue that was previously hidden and ignored.

At the heart of our strategy is an understanding of the need to raise awareness about statelessness, support legal and policy development and build civil society’s capacity to act. We are dedicated to working alongside stateless people and their communities to strengthen their voices and together advocate for full respect of their human rights.

Our London-based Secretariat coordinates the activities of our growing and diverse membership across Europe ranging from large international NGOs to grassroots and community organisations, legal advice agencies, thinktanks, stateless activists, and prominent international law experts.


What we believe

Everyone has the right to a nationality.

We believe this must be respected and that the human rights of people who lack a nationality – stateless people – must be protected. We are dedicated to working with stateless people in Europe to advocate for their rights. We aim to reach our goals through law and policy development, awareness-raising, and capacity-building.


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Our future plans

Our strategic plan (2019-23) outlines how we are moving forward in the next stage of our journey, to capitalise on the strength of our membership and our authoritative voice on statelessness and translate this into tangible change for stateless people in Europe.

Solving statelessness in Europe - Our strategic plan 2019 - 2023
Find out more about our future plans in our five-year strategic plan

Our goals for this five-year period are to:

  1. Mobilise support to challenge statelessness by sharing knowledge and expertise
  2. Strengthen collaboration and achieve change through a pan-European network
  3. Monitor, inform and promote effective law, policy and practice
  4. Work with people affected by statelessness to inform and deliver our mission
  5. Be an ethical and effective organisation.

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Our annual reports describe our activities and impact, including events, campaigns, and other initiatives we’ve run in countries across Europe.

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Civil society organisations like ENS are pivotal in getting knowledge on international standards and good practices to practitioners. ENS also plays an important role in convincing governments to improve their nationality rules and practice as part of a collective effort to eradicate statelessness.

Gerard-René de Groot - Emeritus Professor at Maastricht University

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