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Since establishing in 2012, we have been working to ensure that statelessness is given the attention it is due as a critical human rights issue. We are dedicated to raising awareness about statelessness and the right to a nationality, supporting legal and policy development, and building civil society’s capacity to act. We work collaboratively with others and our partners trust us to provide them with reliable and high-quality comparative research, information, and analysis. Together, we seek to be an effective catalyst for change that improves the lives of people affected by statelessness across Europe.

Our London-based Secretariat steers and coordinates our work, providing guidance and channelling the expertise of those we work with into impactful solutions. Our members play a critical role, leading on national-level activities and contributing to regional and international advocacy. Our Advisory Committee draws on the diverse perspectives and experience of its members to shape and inform our work, all of which is overseen by our experienced and dedicated Board of Trustees. At the heart of our work lies the understanding that stateless people and their communities should be the leaders of change.

We want to be an organisation that works tirelessly alongside people affected by statelessness to improve their lives; a strategic partner to policymakers in law and policy reform; a network that is stronger with the voice of each new supporter who joins our campaigns; and a catalyst for change.


What we believe

Everyone has the right to a nationality.

We believe this must be respected and that the human rights of people who lack a nationality – stateless people – must be protected. We are dedicated to working with stateless people in Europe to advocate for their rights. We aim to reach our goals through law and policy development, awareness-raising, and capacity-building.


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Our future plans

Strategic Plan 2024-28
Find out more about our future plans in our five-year strategic plan

Our Strategic Plan 2024-28 outlines our vision for ensuring that everyone can realise their right to a nationality.

The plan focuses on three interconnected goals: strengthening legal frameworks to protect stateless people's rights; empowering stateless communities to lead change efforts; and enhancing ENS as a diverse, accountable network.

Underpinning the plan is a commitment to collaboration, learning and inclusion. It has been developed through extensive consultation with ENS members, staff, stateless people and other experts.

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Want to learn more about our work to date?

Our Impact reports describe our activities and impact, including events, campaigns, and other initiatives we’ve run in countries across Europe.

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Civil society organisations like ENS are pivotal in getting knowledge on international standards and good practices to practitioners. ENS also plays an important role in convincing governments to improve their nationality rules and practice as part of a collective effort to eradicate statelessness.

Gerard-René de Groot - Emeritus Professor at Maastricht University

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