“Everyone has the right to a nationality”


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  • EU Citizenship at the Crossroads - Enhancing European Cooperation in Nationality and Fundamental Rights

    13 January 2015 | Ngo Chun Luk, TRANSMIC Research Assistant at the Centre for European Policy Studies

    And, in reference to today’s more specific discussion, I note that people who lose their citizenship or have it taken from them are often described as being “quarantined” or as having fallen between two stools, existing and not existing at the same time. Their experiences of public administration will no doubt have been intensely frustrating as they get so far only to be rejected because their status isn’t accounted for in a drop-down menu on a computer screen.

  • The Road to Dignity Beyond Status: Responding to the Secretary-General’s Synthesis Report on the Post-2015 Agenda

    5 January 2015 | Tendayi Bloom, United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility

    Today’s world is a troubled world: one in turmoil and turbulence, with no shortage of painful political upheavals. Societies are under serious strain, stemming from the erosion of our common values, climate change and growing inequalities, to migration pressures and borderless pandemics. … Simply put, this generation is charged with a duty to transform our societies.

    Ban Ki Moon, Synthesis Report on the post-2015 agenda, 2014

  • The World’s Stateless: a new report on why size does and doesn’t matter

    15 December 2014 | Laura van Waas, Amal de Chickera and Zahra Albarazi (co-founders, Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion)

    Today, the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion launched its inaugural World’s Stateless report. The report focuses largely on the question of statistical reporting on statelessness, with a hope to contribute to a better sense of the task of ending statelessness by 2014: knowing who and where the stateless are and how many people are afflicted by statelessness in the world today can help to inform the campaign to end statelessness.

  • Finland – a champion in the making in addressing statelessness?

    12 December 2014 | Anne Laakko, UNHCR

    The UNHCR study Mapping Statelessness in Finland was launched on 18 November, following similar studies already published in a number of European countries. The study in Finland is part of UNHCR Northern Europe’s work undertaken in preparation of the Global Action Plan to End Statelessness  and the first one of the studies conducted in all eight Nordic and Baltic countries to be published. 

  • A welcome first step towards tackling statelessness in Poland

    4 December 2014 | Katarzyna Przybysławska, Director of the Halina Niec Legal Aid Centre

    This year Poland celebrates 25 years of freedom, an anniversary marked by the country’s first democratic vote, the end of communist regime and embracing the international human rights standards. Still, as of 2014 Poland remains a member of an exclusive club of states (alongside Malta, Cyprus and Estonia) still not party to either of the UN Statelessness Conventions.

  • Stateless Voices

    28 November 2014 | Urs Spindler, Arne Schulz, Moises Mendoza and Shaminder Dulai

    There are around 600.000 stateless people in Europe and the US. Without protection from a government, they are often denied basic rights. The project Stateless Voices tells some of their stories.

  • Launch of ENS Campaign - None of Europe’s children should be stateless

    20 November 2014 | Laura van Waas, Campaign Consultant and member of the ENS Advisory Committee

    He has your infectious smile and your partners bright, warm eyes. He shares your jovial nature and your partner’s ease in connecting with people and making them laugh.  He is intelligent, generous, kind – and a little mischievous. You swell with pride as you watch him play thoughtfully with his toy cars, his imagination transforming your living room floor into a world of adventure. You love him in a way that you find hard to put into words and that has caught you by surprise. Life without him is now unimaginable.

  • Litigating Strategically: Stateless children born in the EU

    12 November 2014 | Katja Swider, University of Amsterdam and René de Groot, Maastricht University

    Does a child born in the EU, who would have been an EU citizen had the Member State of birth complied with its international obligations, but who is stateless instead, fall within the scope of EU law? This post suggests a strategy for seeking an answer to this question from the European Court of Justice (hereinafter: ECJ).

    The problem

  • #IBELONG in Europe - UNHCR launches campaign to end statelessness

    6 November 2014 | Vincent Cochetel, UNHCR, Director Bureau for Europe

    “You are a shadow here. Just a shadow. You pass by and no-one sees you. You have no rights” – Nusret, a stateless man in Montenegro

    UNHCR this week launched our Global Campaign to End Statelessness within ten years. This is an ambitious goal, but one that can be achieved in Europe.

  • Why a campaign to end statelessness matters

    4 November 2014 | Laura van Waas, Amal de Chickera and Zahra Albarazi (co-founders, Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion)

    The 4th of November is a momentous day on which the UNHCR led #ibelong campaign to end statelessness by 2024 was launched. To mark this day, in a departure from the usual weekly blog, we present a note on why a campaign to end statelessness matters, not only to those working directly on the issue, but to the world at large.