“Everyone has the right to a nationality”


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  • Out of Limbo: Promoting the right of stateless Roma people to a legal status in Italy

    12 November 2013 | Elena Rozzi – Member of ASGI’s Board and coordinator of the project Out of Limbo

    A significant proportion of Roma people originating from the Balkans and living in Italy are stateless or at risk of statelessness. In most cases they lack a residence permit or other identity documents. As undocumented persons, they have no or limited access to social services, health care, education, employment and housing as well as no political rights. They also risk receiving expulsion orders and being detained in a detention centre.

  • EU citizenship for stateless people?

    5 November 2013 | Laura van Waas, Senior Researcher and Manager of the Statelessness Programme, Tilburg University

    Earlier this year I wrote a blog about the growing benefits of EU citizenship and the concerns that this raises, in my mind, for the position of stateless people in Europe (and potentially for stateless people in other regions where the EU citizenship model is inspiring similar forms of supranational membership).

  • From Commitments to Achievements? The Zagreb Declaration on Access to Civil Documentation and Registration in South Eastern Europe

    1 November 2013 | Stéphanie Marsal, Senior Advisor, Office of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities

    We know that there are still around 20,000 people who lack basic civil documentation and registration in South East Europe. This figure can only be regarded as an estimate, as detailed data is often difficult to obtain in the absence of a data collection system that would provide accurate and timely information on the number of undocumented persons.

  • A ray of hope for stateless Sahrawis in Spain?

    22 October 2013 | Valeriia Cherednichenko, PhD researcher in Advanced Studies in Human Rights at Charles III University of Madrid (Spain)

    The majority of the applications for the statelessness status in Spain come from applicants of Western Saharan origin, or Sahrawis[1]. However, this issue does not get as much attention as it deserves from the Spanish authorities or wider society, leaving them without benefits of recognition as stateless. This stands in contradiction with the Spanish Supreme Court's jurisprudence in recent years, which has granted the status of statelessness to a considerable number of these applicants.

  • A time for action - ENS launches campaign to protect stateless persons in Europe

    14 October 2013 | Chris Nash, International Protection Policy Coordinator at Asylum Aid

    Since its launch in June last year the European Network on Statelessness (ENS) has attracted  50 new member organisations in over 30 European countries. Encouraged by the diversity of its membership base and keen to build on recent momentum with regard to global efforts to tackle statelessness, ENS today launches a year-long campaign seeking to improve protection for stateless persons in Europe.

  • UK Supreme Court Delivers Victory Against Statelessness in Al-Jedda Case

    9 October 2013 | Simon Cox, Open Society Justice Initiative

    Earlier this year, Laura Bingham contributed a blog for ENS on the much talked-about Al-Jedda case, in which the UK Supreme Court was asked to decide whether a man suspected of supporting terrorism could be denationalised, or whether safeguards against statelessness blocked such action.

  • Statelessness, Human Rights and Development: It's time to Connect the Dots

    8 October 2013 | Amal de Chickera

    The worlds of ‘human rights’ and ‘development’ have for many decades run parallel to each other, blindingly indifferent to the complementarity of their objectives, the overlap of principles they foster and the near impossibleness of achieving one without the other.

  • Liverpool Law Clinic launches Statelessness project

    4 October 2013 | Frances Meyler and Dr Sarah Woodhouse, Co-Directors of the Liverpool Law Clinic

    On 2 October 2013, Liverpool Law Clinic marked the launch of its Statelessness project by hosting a free seminar on 'Statelessness - An overview of developments in the UK and globally'. Guest speakers at the event were Dr Laura van Waas (LLM, PhD), Senior Researcher and Manager of the Statelessness Programme, Tilburg, Netherlands and Chris Nash, International Protection Policy Co-ordinator, Asylum Aid, London.

  • Examining the human impact of legal identity documentation – one client at a time

    25 September 2013 | Laura Bingham, legal officer for the equality/citizenship issue area of the Open Society Justice Initiative

    Working on issues like citizenship, equality and inclusion – issues that both inform and are informed by ponderous social constructs like belonging and identity – we spend a lot of time talking about “in-betweenness,” to borrow from Julia Sardelic’s post: about legal limbos, lacunae and protection gaps. For many of the people that we work with, these legal or theoretical “gaps” are also felt most acutely in the form of a negative: the absence of a document.

  • Romani Minorities Caught in-between: Impeded Access to Citizenship and de facto Statelessness in the Post-Yugoslav Space

    20 September 2013 | Dr Julija Sardelić, CITSEE Research Fellow, School of Law, University of Edinburgh

    Since the 2004 and 2007 EU enlargements, Roma became the EU largest minority, but also continue to be one of the most vulnerable groups of citizens in the enlarged Union. Instead of the promising prospects for the full inclusion into the EU citizenry, Romani minorities, often labelled as the most noticeable victims of the post-socialist transition, are regularly positioned into the so-called EU apartheid, to paraphrase a philosopher Étienne Balibar.