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We're recruiting ... and festive greetings to all

19 December 2019 | ENS Team
European Network on Statelessness

Our network is growing and we are taking on new exciting challenges.

To help us with the extra work we are seeking a Legal Policy Officer to support our law and policy development work, help deliver our strategic litigation work, develop our relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders, and help us fulfil our mission to protect stateless people and end statelessness in Europe.

This is a one-year full-time fixed-term post based at the ENS Secretariat in London. To learn more about the post, have a read through the job ad. Deadline for applications is Monday 20 January 2020 (9am GMT).

See you again in the New Year...

Thank you for following ENS blog updates in 2019. This year has been as busy as ever, in great part thanks to our members (we now have over 150 members) and partners who've worked with us to help make real progress in ending statelessness in Europe. 

We’ll be taking a short break, and are resuming our blog in January. Meanwhile, we wish you all the best for 2020.



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