“Everyone has the right to a nationality”


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  • 'I feel that I belong too’ – stateless Roma in Europe

    1 December 2017 | Inge Sturkenboom, UNHCR

    Thirteen-year-old Lirije is a stateless Roma girl who lives in Skopje, in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Like her, more than 75% of the world’s known stateless populations belong to minority groups. This is one of the findings of the latest UNHCR report, “This is our home”: Stateless minorities and their search for citizenship, released on the third anniversary of the #IBelong Campaign in November 2017.

  • UK faith leaders urge government to end detention of stateless people

    23 November 2017 | David Bradwell, Refugee Co-ordinator for Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees and member of the Executive Committee of the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe

    Over the last three months, Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees and ENS have been working in partnership to promote the #LockedInLimbo campaign and to raise awareness about the plight of stateless people in the UK.

  • Mapping Statelessness in Sweden - publication cover

    Statelessness in Sweden and the case of unreturnable Moroccan "street children" left at risk of statelessness

    15 November 2017 | Isabelle Rothstein, MSc Global Migration (UCL) & Legal Volunteer (Asylum Aid)

    Almost a year has passed since UNHCR published its 2016 report Mapping Statelessness in Sweden, which critiqued Sweden for its lack of an official statelessness determination procedure. In the months that have passed since UNHCR published the report the country’s treatment, as well as general awareness of the issue has remained largely unchanged.

  • Mobilising to address statelessness in the Netherlands

    9 November 2017 | Marlotte van Dael, ASKV Refugee Support

    It’s Friday night in Amsterdam and I’m on my way home after the UNHCR’s #iBelong campaign event and the spin-off event organised by ASKV Refugee Support, the European Network on Statelessness and the Institute on Statelessness & Inclusion, being once again reminded about the most important element which remains at the forefront of the statelessness campaign work in the Netherlands: the importance of a...

  • Denial and denigration: How discrimination feeds statelessness

    31 October 2017 | Andrea Spitálszky, Europe Legal Officer, Minority Rights Group International (MRG)

    Ethnic, national, religious and linguistic minorities make up a disproportionate number of the world’s stateless population. While statelessness may be attributed to state succession, lack of birth registration or migration, in reality discrimination against these communities plays a crucial role in exposing minorities to statelessness. In Europe, one such group is Roma. Thousands are left stateless and struggling to access key services such as education, healthcare and housing.

  • #RomaBelong report cover

    #RomaBelong – Tackling Roma statelessness in the Western Balkans and Ukraine

    26 October 2017 | Nina Murray, European Network on Statelessness

    I feel bad because I am from here but they are not giving me citizenship. I feel I don’t belong here. God forbid if I die, they will not bury me because I do not have documents. It’s very hard for me. I have no job, but the most difficult part is that I don’t have any medical insurance and I have to pay for everything myself. Once, the doctor even paid for me because I was in a really bad state. If I have a nationality I will work and I will have more money to pay for it. I am frustrated all the time.

  • One man’s struggle for an identity

    19 October 2017 | Gerard van Leeuwen, Author

    We all know that some ten million people around the world are stateless. Often they are reduced to statistics, case files and quotes. Art can be a way to give these people faces. Like Greg Constantine and Anoek Steketee do through photographs, writing a literary non-fiction novel was my attempt to highlight the humanity of stateless people. The novel is a description of a single case, although calling it a case is already a mistake. The story I wrote is the story of a man, a human being, just like you and I.

  • Tomáš Boček, speaking at the ENS's #LockedinLimbo event at the Council of Europe

    How the Council of Europe is working to help protect stateless refugees and migrants from ending up #LockedinLimbo

    12 October 2017 | Tomáš Boček, CoE Secretary General's Special Representative on Migration and Refugees

    I was pleased to be able to lend my voice to the European Network on Statelessness’ #LockedInLimbo campaign at an event at the Parliamentary Assembly in Strasbourg yesterday. The campaign seeks to build a platform for action to protect stateless people from arbitrary detention in Europe.

  • Citizenship for sale – At a cost stateless people can ill afford

    5 October 2017 | Cynthia Orchard, Legal Policy Officer at Asylum Aid

    Stateless people in the UK face enormous hurdles in the road to becoming British citizens. One of those barriers is the extraordinarily high cost of acquiring British citizenship.

  • The Charter of Fundamental Rights and the protection of stateless people in the EU: a dormant giant?

    28 September 2017 | Dr Tamas MOLNAR, legal research officer on asylum, migration and borders European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (Vienna)*

    The EU Charter: a robust normative layer