“Everyone has the right to a nationality”

Capacity Building

Why we need to build capacity on stateless work

Statelessness is a major and growing concern in Europe, potentially affecting millions of people.  Many organisations have a mandate to try and address it – yet specialist knowledge of the issue is still limited, and misunderstanding continues to shroud work on statelessness.  

A greater investment in capacity-building is therefore badly needed, so that we can effectively address statelessness in countries across the region.

This is one of the main areas of focus for the European Network on Statelessness.  The Network will work to raise the profile of the issue among national and regional stakeholders, and will facilitate the necessary capacity development.  To achieve this, ENS conducts and supports a range of training and other capacity building activities.

What we can offer you

Individuals who work at the organisations affiliated with ENS can share valuable experience and expertise from their extensive work on statelessness. Many have previously been involved in the development of training materials and have delivered training on statelessness and related subjects to a wide variety of audiences.

Our unique membership and expertise allows us to develop capacity in other organisations by offering or supporting training.  The training is specifically targeted at:

  • NGOs and charities
  • Lawyers
  • Academics
  • Judges
  • UN staff
  • Government officials (in particular immigration/administrative officers)
  • Students

Making the most of a growing network

As the Network’s membership grows, the pool of thematic and country expertise will grow with it – bringing new opportunities for the development and delivery of initiatives to build capacity still further.

In the longer term, ENS will seek to explore other forms of capacity building, as the need and opportunities arise.  These could include:

  • Coaching schemes
  • Support for strategy development
  • Collaborative learning through exchange visits for practitioners, students and interns
  • Technical input for legal clinics as they seek to expand their work into statelessness
  • Assistance with establishing national networks for more effective cooperation on statelessness.

For further information about ENS capacity-building  activities contact ENS Director Chris Nash at chris.nash@statelessness.eu  

  • ENS conducts and supports

    a range of training and other capacity building activities