Salam for Democracy and Human Rights


SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights (SALAM DHR) is an NGO established in 2013 and registered in Sweden, Switzerland, France, and UK. It endeavours to preserve universal principles of dignity and respect by shielding democracy and human rights. 

In the pursuit of this vision, SALAM DHR aims to influence British, European and UN representatives to improve the situation in the Middle East, and foster awareness of human rights and democracy. 

To accomplish these goals, SALAM DHR conducts monitoring and analysis, produces reports, develops recommendations on policy and legislation, organises advocacy campaigns, conducts trainings, and builds effective coalitions. SALAM DHR is actively involved in international cooperation for human rights and democracy, including the production of alternative reports on key human rights topics, coordinating coalitions, lobbying for reform of flawed institutions, and articulating NGO positions at the UN Human Rights Council, the European Parliament, and various domestic bodies. 

We welcome enquiries and interactions on a broad range of topics and issues. 

Sirazul Islam

Sirazul Islam (he/him)

 United Kingdom

Sirazul Islam was born in Kutupalong Refugee camp and spent 8 years there before moving to the UK. Sirazul was stateless for 18 years and has survived a genocide. Sirazul graduated from the University of Manchester with a Law degree and now works to ensure the Rohingya community, and others in similar situations, have access to their human rights. 


Thugten Dorjee Drukpa (he/him)


Thugten D. Drukpa is President for community based non-profit organization of permanently resettled Bhutanese refugees in Denmark, 'Association of Bhutanese Communities in Denmark' (ABCD). 

He is responsible for organizing different cultural programs, sport activities, literary programs and social activities, which help to preserve and promote Nepali culture, language and history. He is also responsible for representing Bhutanese common interests and issues in local, regional, national and international level.