Associate membership criteria

Non-governmental organizations, universities, academics, research centres and individuals may become associate members of the European Network on Statelessness.

Associate members are approved by the Network's Board of Trustees, based on the following criteria:

  1. Agree with the mission, principles and values of the European Network on Statelessness;
  2. Agree to respect the diverse views and opinions within the membership and to look for respectful ways of communicating concerns and resolving disagreements and conflicts;
  3. Are involved in providing legal, social and other support services, carrying out research and teaching or training, and/or doing advocacy and policy or other work with stateless people or those at risk of statelessness.
  4. Are based in Europe or carry out activities in or which are strategically relevant to the region.
  5. Membership is not extended to political parties or governmental and  inter-governmental institutions (including National Human Rights Institutions affiliated with government) although individuals working for such institutions may join in a purely personal and individual capacity.
  6. Membership is currently free, however the possibility of ENS membership fees may be explored in light of the organisation’s financial position and/or following its future incorporation as an independent organisation with its own legal identity.

Associate members who are not part of the Advisory Committee do not have voting rights.

Associate members may periodically nominate/be nominated to join the Advisory Committee and become voting members. Associate members may also raise issues directly via the Advisory Committee or ENS Secretariat.

Associate members are not permitted to use the ENS logo, carry out activities or issue statements in the name of ENS without prior approval. Only ENS Trustees and Advisory Committee members may represent ENS publicly.