“Everyone has the right to a nationality”


#StatelessKids - No child should be stateless

There is an urgent need for European States to act to prevent children from growing up being left without a nationality. More than half the countries in Europe are denying a nationality to thousands of children across the continent.

Statelessness in Europe

In Europe, statelessness occurs both among recent migrants and among people who have lived in the same place for generations. Despite the scale of the problem, most European countries have no framework to effectively deal with statelessness and tackling this requires major law and policy reform.

Everyone has the right to a nationality

Around 600,000 stateless persons live in Europe today, including many migrants stuck in perpetual limbo. They urgently require our protection. 

Stateless in Slovakia

This is a short video campaign by the Halina Niec Legal Aid Center concerning the situation of Stateless persons in Poland.

Video made by Human Rights League on what is it like to be stateless in Slovakia