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Invitation to Tender: ENS Evaluation and Learning Partner - Childhood Statelessness in the UK

2 July 2020

Deadline for application: 12.00 (BST) Monday 13th July

We are seeking an ENS 'Evaluation and Learning Partner - Childhood Statelessness in the UK', to support a new ENS project that aims to evidence and promote the reduction of childhood statelessness in the UK. The ENS Evaluation and Learning Partner will have a proven track record of delivering high calibre learning and evaluation, with knowledge of the UK migration/asylum and child rights sectors. The External Evaluator will support the implementation of a new ENS project, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for 18 months.

This project represents a new approach for ENS, as we explore increasing the ENS Secretariat’s direct work in a specific national context where a policy window or opportunity for impact has been identified. Testing this approach will help us better understand how it could be rolled out in other European countries. As a pilot project, we are keen to assess how this work can create sustainable change beyond the life of the grant, both through wider stakeholder engagement on the issue of childhood statelessness and the potential for future ENS development. The project will target ENS resources (including a dedicated part-time Senior Child Rights Coordinator (UK) based in the ENS Secretariat, activity and evaluation costs, and ENS member support) to research and better understand the rise in applications to register as British by stateless children in the UK. It will also explore which children may be stateless or at risk of statelessness and what barriers different groups of children across the UK may be facing to making applications for citizenship. The project will map existing opportunities for awareness-raising and influencing, deliver training and engagement activities, and seek to mainstream statelessness into relevant sector advocacy and influencing debates and initiatives.

A total budget of £2500 is available for the work, with outputs to be delivered over the course of the 18-month project. To learn more about how to apply, eligibility requirements, deliverables and outputs, please download the Invitation to Tender.

How to apply?

Please read the Invitation to Tender and send a proposal (essential information detailed in the ITT) to Jessie.seal@statelessness.eu by 12.00 (BST) on Monday 13th July.