“Everyone has the right to a nationality”

Opportunity: Consultancy to conduct scoping research on the nexus between health rights and statelessness in the context of COVID-19

19 August 2020


With the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, ENS is carrying out scoping research on the nexus between health rights and statelessness, to inform evidence-based policy recommendations to protect stateless people’s rights and tailor public health interventions and service provision accordingly.

Questions around how statelessness impacts on the right to health in different contexts, on access to healthcare and health outcomes for stateless people, and on how statelessness impacts on public health and health inequalities, have been little explored to date. In the context of a global pandemic, it is even more essential that responses and actions to protect those most at risk are evidence-based, as well as urgent. Without any nationality, stateless people are often excluded from the rights and protections afforded by States to their nationals in times of crisis, but their voices and experiences have been largely missing from the debate.

ENS is seeking a consultant to work with the Secretariat and our members to design and carry out scoping research activities investigating and documenting the nexus between health rights and statelessness. Taking an intersectional and participatory approach, the research aims to better understand the barriers to accessing healthcare faced by stateless people and the impact of these on health outcomes. It will seek to identify common themes across different European countries to inform recommendations for policy responses that are relevant regionally and internationally, as well as to highlight issues that may require further focused research and attention.

Working closely with the ENS Secretariat and members, the consultant will design and coordinate research activities, recruit and liaise with an expert advisory group, draft and present a research report, and participate in at least one research dissemination activity.

A total budget of £13,200 (GBP) is available for the consultancy. The work should commence in September 2020 and be concluded by February 2021.

How to apply 

For more information about the project and details on how to express interest, deliverables, and selection criteria, please see the Consultancy Terms of Reference.

Please note that the deadline for expressions of interest is Monday 14 September at 12.00 (BST).

If you have any questions about this consultancy, please contact Nina Murray, ENS Head of Policy & Research: nina.murray@statelessness.eu