“Everyone has the right to a nationality”

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The external resources include reports, policy briefs and other items found here have been carefully selected from the wider body of available resources, due to their specific relevance to problems of statelessness in Europe. You can browse resources by country, theme or resource type using the filters provided.
  • Karassev and family v. Finland

    The Court looks at whether Finland’s failure to grant nationality to a child born in Finland, who would otherwise be stateless, could be considered a...

  • Kuric and Others v. Slovenia (2010)

    The Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights rules that the Slovenian authorities treatment of the so-called “erased” is in violation of article...

  • Genovese v. Malta

    The Court rules that the nationality law of Malta is in violation of article 14, in conjunction with article 8, of the European Convention on Human...

  • Mapping Statelessness in the United Kingdom

    This joint report by UNHCR and Asylum Aid sheds light on the complex and hidden issue of statelessness. The research maps the number and profile of...


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