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Unione Italiana Apolidi: the first stateless-led organization in Italy

In the global context, statelessness affects millions of people around the world, with many more at risk of statelessness. In Italy, according to…
/ Armando Augello Cupi, President of Unione Italiana Apolidi
Gillian Triggs Videos

#YearOfSolutions: Gillian Triggs on the power of collaboration in tackling statelessness

Gillian Triggs, Assistant High Commissioner for Protection at UNHCR explains the need for a holistic approach that brings together communities and…
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Submission to UN Committee on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights on the UK Publications

Report to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

The report to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on the UK on behalf of civil society, prepared as part of the project led by…
/ Report
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Identifying and addressing statelessness in the refugee context

Identifying and addressing statelessness in the refugee context is vital to prevent serious human rights violations. Find out what those working with…
/ Briefings
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Legal obstacles to obtaining a temporary residence permit for stateless people recognised in Ukraine

In 2021, the establishment of a statelessness determination procedure in Ukraine gave people who for a long time could not regularise their status an…
/ Sofiia Kordonets and Anastasiia Koval, Right 2 Protection
Sofiia Kordonets Videos

#YearOfSolutions: Sofiia Kordonets explains how the war in Ukraine is impacting stateless people

Sofiia Kordonets from our Ukrainian member organisation Right to Protection explains how the war in Ukraine is restricting the rights and safety of…
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Omar Othman Videos

#YearOfSolutions: Omar Othman stresses the need for lived experience in advocating for change

Nobody understands the impact of living without a nationality better than stateless people themselves, yet the experiences of stateless people are…
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Zoe Gardner Videos

#YearOfSolutions: Zoe Gardner explains why Europe needs to act now to protect stateless refugees

Zoe Gardner, Policy & Research Manager at the European Network on Statelessness, explains why we launched the #StatelessJourneys campaign and…
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ENS Blog: Year in Review

2022 marks ten years since the launch of the ENS blog. Since then, we've published more than 480 contributions written by over 250 different authors…
/ Charlotte Armstrong, ENS
Chris Nash Editorial

Recognising recent progress in global efforts to address statelessness but also the need for greater engagement and resourcing

Collective and collaborative action to end statelessness has always been at the heart of ENS’s mission. In this editorial, ENS Director Chris Nash…
/ Chris Nash, Director and co-founder of the European Network on Statelessness
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December 2022 Newsletter

Our December newsletter features our latest work and updates. It showcases the launch of our Stateless Journeys Campaign, the new Litigation Toolkit…
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Invitation to tender: External evaluation and design of a new five-year strategic plan

We are looking to appoint an external consultant to assess the impact of our work under the current strategic plan and to help facilitate the design…