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ENS’s advocacy to get statelessness on the EU agenda

Sustained advocacy efforts lead to important steps forward in mainstreaming protections for stateless people across EU asylum and migration law and…
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How can AI contribute to the fight to end statelessness?

AI assistants like ChatGPT have an emerging role in human rights advocacy: these tools have the potential to bridge knowledge gaps, empower…
/ Charlotte Armstrong - Communications Coordinator, ENS
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WEBINAR: ‘Credibility Undermined’– Challenges Faced by Stateless Asylum Seekers in the UK

Join us on Wednesday 11th October at 11am UK (12pm CET) for the launch of a new research report on exploring the experiences of stateless Kurds from…
11 October 2023 12:00 - 13:00 CEST
Photograph by Belal Alfadli: Road separating Al-Naim district, which is home to citizens (right), and the shantytowns of the stateless Bidoon in Kuwait city (left). Blog

Addressing statelessness in the MENA region: a new network for mobilisation

A new regional network on statelessness in the Middle East and North Africa region is raising awareness and providing a platform for mobilisation.
/ Zahra Albarazi and Thomas McGee, co-coordinators of the MENA Statelessness Network (Hawiati)
Stateless Rights Collecative Blog

Advocating for Change in the Netherlands: The Stateless Rights Collective (SRC)

The Stateless Rights Collective (SRC) is a group of stateless individuals in the Netherlands advocating for the rights of people without a…
/ Stateless Rights Collective, a collective standing up for the rights of stateless people in the Netherlands
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Stateless changemaker Sirazul Islam shares his story of statelessness activism in the UK as part of Comic Relief REROOTED project

We are  really proud to share with you the RE-ROOTED exhibition featuring our member Sirazul Islam. Sirazul is a campaigner and a member of the ENS…
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VACANCY: Policy and Advocacy Coordinator

ENS is seeking a Policy & Advocacy Coordinator to play a key role in enabling ENS to fulfil its mission to break the cycle of statelessness in…
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Advocating for Change: Bhutanese Refugee Community in Denmark urges action on Statelessness

This blog post presents the work of the Association of Bhutanese Communities in Denmark (ABC Danmark) as they advocate for change to address…
/ Thugten Dorjee Drukpa, President for the Association of Bhutanese Communities in Denmark
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Refugee Action's Experts by Experience podcast spotlights statelessness

ENS recently partnered with Refugee Action's Experts by Experience podcast to spotlight the issue of statelessness. 
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Gaps and Opportunities in mainstreaming statelessness and nationality matters in Europe at the Human Rights Council

During the ENS Annual General Conference, which took place on 6 and 7 June, I had the pleasure to engage with ENS members on their experiences with…
/ Sangita Bajulaiye - Advocacy Lead at the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, ENS (Advisory Committee) Member
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Conference Outcomes Report: Addressing Statelessness in Europe

On 8-9 June 2023, the European Network on Statelessness (ENS) in collaboration with Fundación Cepaim and the University Complutense de Madrid hosted…
/ Report
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July 2023 Litigation Newsletter

Our Litigation Newsletter brings you an overview of developments on statelessness from European courts, an update on our litigation activities across…
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