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BRIEFING #4: Update on access to protection in Europe for stateless people fleeing Ukraine

This fourth briefing provides an update on access to protection in Europe (both EU and non-EU countries) for stateless people fleeing the war in…
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Briefing on the right to a nationality of children born to Palestinian parents in Belgium

In response to recent reports that the Belgian Immigration Office has incentivised municipalities to withdraw the Belgian nationality of children…
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Navigating Limbo: Rights of stateless people during the ongoing war in Ukraine

The full-scale invasion of Ukraine that started in February 2022 has worsened an already complicated situation for stateless and undocumented people…
/ Olena Tarasiuk, Anastasiia Koval and Sofiia Kordonets, Right to Protection
Buildings of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Kirchberg, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, in November 2006 with flags of the then 25 member states in the foreground. To the right is Anneau building, which encircles the Ancien Palais building. In the centre background is the Thomas More building. News

ECJ Advocate-General Opinion on Palestinian Refugees: A Step in the Right Direction

ENS welcomes the opinion issued by Advocate-General Emiliou of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) as a step in the right direction to addressing and…

The Americas, lessons learned from two convergent processes

A decade after the launch of UNHCR’s #IBelong Campaign and Brazil’s 2014 Plan of Action, the Americas have undergone some transformative developments…
/ Francisco Quintana, Founder of the Americas Network on Nationality and Statelessness, Advocate, and Human Rights Expert on Latin America and the Caribbean
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Joint submission on Serbia to the Human Rights Committee

Praxis and the European Network on Statelessness made a joint submission to the Human Rights Committee for the 140th Session, focusing the right to a…
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Russia reforms immigration detention laws after decade-long campaign

Russia has enacted reforms to its immigration detention laws, introducing time limits and judicial oversight on the detention of stateless people.…
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Join our Board: Trustee with fundraising experience

We are looking for a new Trustee with fundraising experience to join our Board and play a key role in supporting our development and impact.
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The art of impact: Creating engaging video content for awareness campaigns

This behind-the-scenes blog serves as an exploration of my perspectives on the transformative power of video content in effectively engaging…
/ Erasmus Talbot, Filmmaker and Music Composer
Meeting with European Parliament News

EU Parliament calls for strategy and action plan on statelessness

European Parliament report prioritises our recommendations in its annual report on fundamental rights, calling for a comprehensive strategy on…
Closing Ceremony of the 2023 Global Refugee Forum Editorial

New Year’s resolutions – five ways the international community can and must do more to address statelessness

In December, UNHCR organised the second ever Global Refugee Forum. ENS was among the civil society representatives invited to participate. Here are…
/ Chris Nash, Director, European Network on Statelessness
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Festive Greetings to All

Thank you for following ENS updates in 2023. We’ll be taking a short break and are resuming our blog in January. Meanwhile, we wish you all the best…
/ European Network on Statelessness