Refworld: A key resource on all things statelessness

This explanatory text about Refworld is courtesy of UNHCR's Statelessness Unit, Geneva
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Refworld, a leading online resource containing valuable legal, policy and academic information relating to asylum seekers, refugees and internally displaced persons compiled by UNHCR, also holds a wide range of resources relating to statelessness. These resources can be found on the regularly updated Statelessness Special Features Page, available at:

The Statelessness Special Features page gives Government authorities, legal practitioners, NGOs, students, stateless persons and interested individuals, access to the most up-to-date legal, policy and practical documents relating to statelessness. For example, the page includes updates and maps on the most recent accessions to the two international statelessness conventions, a comprehensive list of the most important UNHCR policy and guidance documents relating to statelessness, a global database of current nationality laws, recent country studies on statelessness situations around the world and links to key organisations working on statelessness issues globally.

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