WEBINAR: 2023 State of Play Assessment on Statelessness in Europe

23 March 2023 11:00 - 12:00 CET

The online launch of our annual StatelessnessINDEX state of play assessment was an opportunity to hear about key trends from several experts working on the issue.

statelessnessINDEX webinar


About the webinar

In 2018 we launched our StatelessnessINDEX to give stakeholders an easy way to understand differences in law and policy, to identify good practices, and areas that need to be improved by countries across Europe. Five years on, the Index holds comparative data and analysis for 30 countries. With over 42,000 users it has become an important tool for raising awareness and focusing advocacy needed to end statelessness and improve the treatment of stateless people.

The webinar presents key new trends and data emerging from 30 countries, including updates from the last two years and three new country profiles on Montenegro, Romania and Sweden. We have seen positive steps towards the implementation of new statelessness determination procedures, but in some countries the protection granted to stateless people has been narrowed.

There has also been no significant improvement in the introduction of safeguards for the prevention and reduction of statelessness, despite some groundbreaking judgments that addressed the child’s right to a nationality. The Index still highlights that much remains to be done to bring law, policy, and practice in line with States’ international obligations.

After the state of play update, a panel of invited country experts shared their reflections on current developments at national level and existing opportunities for States, regional institutions, practitioners, and civil society to work together to ensure stateless people are not left behind in our complex and challenging times.



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Patricia Cabral

Legal Policy Coordinator, European Network on Statelessness


Catherine Cosgrave

Managing Solicitor, Immigrant Council of Ireland (Country Expert on Ireland)


Denis Neselovsky

Legal Consultant, Statefree (Country Expert on Germany)


Valérie Klein

Legal Officer, NANSEN - Country Expert on Belgium


Chris Nash

Director, European Network on Statelessness

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