After a decade without nationality, Bhutanese community in Denmark continues their fight for citizenship rights


A joint meeting organised by ENS, Danish Refugee Council and the Association of Bhutanese Communities in Denmark highlighted the struggles faced by resettled refugees in Denmark and some of the future opportunities to address the issue.

Meeting in Copenhagen to discuss statelessness in Denmark, organised by ENS, ABCD and DRC

In November, ENS launched a new film, which was produced together with the Association of Bhutanese Communities in Denmark (ABCD) as part of our #StatelessJourneys project. The film offers an intimate look at the daily challenges faced by the resettled Bhutanese community as they advocate for citizenship rights after over a decade of living in Denmark.

The film comes at a pivotal moment as ABCD continues their advocacy work to address statelessness among permanently resettled Bhutanese refugees in the country, of whom 98% remain without a nationality today.

On 27 November, we co-organised a public meeting in Copenhagen with the Danish Refugee Council and ABCD to discuss the current situation of different stateless communities in Denmark and the much needed reform of the Danish Government’s approach to addressing statelessness. The initiative is a good example of how ENS seeks to work alongside members of our community group to help bring about change.

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