ENS joins Taskforce on new Global Alliance to End Statelessness


At the start of this month, our Director Chris Nash represented ENS at the first meeting of a Taskforce established by UNHCR to advise on the formation of a new Global Alliance to Eradicate Statelessness.

Global Movement

Launching in 2023, UNHCR will serve as the Secretariat to lead the establishment of the Global Alliance To End Statelessness. The Global Alliance will aim to increase collective advocacy efforts, catalyse political commitments and accelerate the implementation of concrete solutions to statelessness. Building on the momentum generated by the #IBELONG campaign, this alliance will continue working on the United Nations’ commitment to ‘ending statelessness’ found in the Secretary General’s ‘Our Common Agenda’ report.

In support of this work, ENS Director Chris Nash highlighted that “we are particularly keen to support the Taskforce in galvanising the development of effective regional intergovernmental strategies to address statelessness, given that these are critical to delivering necessary law and policy reform at country level”. He added, “drawing on our own community engagement principles and strategy, we also want to utilise our membership of the Taskforce to help promote the inclusion and centering of stateless changemakers (stateless people and community-led organisations) as part of the development of the Global Alliance”.

Taskforce members include stateless and formerly stateless people, civil society organisations, academic institutions, faith-based organisations, UN and other international entities. You can find out more about the organisations represented on the Global Alliance Taskforce here.

ENS looks forward to working with other Taskforce members on the shared goal of ending statelessness.