EVENT INVITATION: Stateless but not rightless; Amsterdam (3 November, 3.15-5pm)


Join ASKV Refugee Support, the European Network on Statelessness (ENS), and the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI) at an event - "Stateless but not rightless: Mobilising to address statelessness in the Netherlands (full agenda)" - hosted by Amnesty International in Amsterdam on 3 November (3.15-5pm), bringing together NGOs, lawyers, academics and other actors working to address statelessness.


  • Stans Goudsmit, Deputy Member of the Dutch National Human Rights Institute
  • Chris Nash, Director of the European Network on Statelessness
  • Zahra Albarazi, Senior Researcher at the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion
  • Jelle Klaas, Human rights lawyer and Coordinator of the Public Interest Litigation Project
  • Marlotte van Dael, Project Coordinator and Researcher at ASKV Refugee Support


Recent years have seen significant progress in raising awareness about the plight of stateless persons, and this is slowly starting to translate into law & policy reform in countries across Europe. In the Netherlands this has resulted in the legislative proposal for a Statelessness Determination Procedure published late last year for online consultation. While this is an enormous step forward, the proposal has been criticised by NGOs, lawyers and academics on whether it will achieve the improvements needed. The proposal is still due to be discussed in Parliament.

This event will seek to share information on the (legal) difficulties that stateless persons encounter in the Netherlands, the improvements that are needed, and how collectively we can address the situation. The event will draw on the expertise and experience of participants as well as introduce issues to those participants new to this topic. Above all, it will seek to inject energy into this discussion following the recent formation of a new government in the Netherlands, and on the day that UNHCR celebrates its #iBelong campaign anniversary.

In doing so, the discussion will draw on wider regional perspectives through presentations by ISI and ENS, who have been involved in helping to coordinate action to address statelessness in Europe. In particular the event will address the need to protect stateless persons from arbitrary detention with the Netherlands as a priority country for ENS’s #LockedInLimbo campaign. It will also explore other disturbing trends such as citizenship stripping, including as part of a post-coup crackdown in Turkey.


Please RSVP by emailing Marlotte van Dael marlotte@askv.nl by 25 October. Places are limited so will be awar d ed on a first come, first served basis. The event has been deliberately timed and located to enable participants also attending the UNHCR #iBelong campaign reception in the Rijksmuseum to take part in both events.