Addressing statelessness in Europe’s refugee response: Gaps and Opportunities


Statelessness is an overlooked and often invisible feature of the forced migration context in Europe. Actors involved in the refugee response are increasingly discovering that some of the men, women and children they work with face nationality problems.

Addressing Statelessness in Europe’s Refugee Reposnse: Gaps and Opportunities

This briefing produced by the European Network on Statelessness and the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion outlines key emerging challenges, gaps and opportunities for action to protect the rights of stateless refugees and prevent new cases of statelessness arising in the context of forced migration in Europe.

A series of awareness-raising, training and advocacy tools, including position papers on countries of origin; country briefings on statelessness in European countries; webinars; podcasts; and other advocacy tools are available for download and wider use from the Stateless Journeys website.

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