Annual Report 2016

Annual report
Annual report 2016

This year has been a reminder of the value of collaboration, and the extensive scope of activities and impact described in this report have only been possible thanks to the sustained commitment of over 100 ENS members in 40 countries, as well as other partners and supporters who share our passion to expose and address the plight of stateless persons living within our societies.

Our work to research, advocate, campaign and share expertise has achieved significant further progress in the period covered by this report. In particular, our #StatelessKids campaign has helped to shine a spotlight on the problem of childhood statelessness, and to get this issue higher up the agenda of the European Union and other key institutions. We have also sought to highlight the need to find solutions for the growing number of stateless persons among the unprecedented numbers of men, women and children arriving in Europe today.

Our focus now is to try and translate this increased awareness into tangibly improved protection for stateless people on the ground. In order to achieve this, we need to find new partners for our work so we hope you can take a moment to read our report, and I look forward to hearing from you if you would be interested to support us, or to find out more about our Network.

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