Country Briefing: Statelessness and refugees in Serbia

Country briefing

Statelessness is a hidden problem affecting many refugees arriving in Europe.  Most countries in Europe are inadequately prepared to respond: only a handful have procedures in place to determine who is stateless on their territory and grant them the specific rights enshrined in international and regional law with respect to the protection of stateless people and the right to a nationality.

Country Briefing: Statelessness and refugees in Serbia

This country briefing produced by the European Network on Statelessness, the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, and Praxis provides information based on initial findings from research in Serbia and makes recommendations for action to address challenges at national and regional levels.

A series of awareness-raising, training and advocacy tools, including position papers on countries of origin; country briefings on statelessness in European countries; webinars; podcasts; and other advocacy tools are available for download and wider use from the Stateless Journeys website.


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