Country position paper: Statelessness in Iraq

Country position paper

Iraq has a population of 40.4 million people, and is home to an estimated 47,515 stateless people, although it is possible that the true figure for the number of stateless persons in Iraq is considerably higher. In addition to the gaps in Iraq’s Nationality Law, a lack of access and barriers to registering vital civil status events has increased the risk of statelessness within and outside Iraq.

Country position paper: Statelessness in Iraq

This country position paper produced by the European Network on Statelessness and the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion provides information on the profiles of stateless individuals and persons who may be at risk of statelessness due to nationality or civil documentation problems in Iraq. 

A series of awareness-raising, training and advocacy tools, including position papers on countries of origin; country briefings on statelessness in European countries; webinars; podcasts; and other advocacy tools are available for download and wider use from the Stateless Journeys website.

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