“Even before the pandemic, statelessness has been invisible” - Involving stateless people in Europe’s COVID-19 response

Position paper

Nobody understands the impact COVID-19 has on the lives of stateless people better than stateless people themselves. We believe responses to the pandemic must be developed with and informed by communities affected by statelessness. In May 2020, activists and community representatives from across Europe came together with the European Network on Statelessness' support in a series of online meetings to discuss the consequences of COVID-19 and response measures on stateless people in Europe. The group also explored what needs to be done to support and protect stateless people both during and after the pandemic. 

The discussions, which took place over four days, have been worked into a position paper, which aims to provide a starting point for the views and experiences of people affected by statelessness to be prioritised and reflected in decision-making during COVID-19 and beyond. 

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