Statelessness: A short guide for refugee response actors in Europe

Information leaflet

Our Stateless Journeys research shows that there is a lack of knowledge and awareness about statelessness among migration and asylum actors, and a lack of information available to stateless refugees and asylum seekers about their rights. Clear and accessible information is needed for stateless individuals, those assisting them and decision-makers, to better protect stateless refugees and asylum seekers, and prevent future cases. 

Statelessness: A short guide for refugees response actors

This short guide provides clear and accessible information for refugees response actors about statelessness, its causes, who is affected and how it impacts on refugees' journeys in Europe, stateless people's rights, and additional resources. 

A series of awareness-raising, training and advocacy tools, including position papers on countries of origin; country briefings on statelessness in European countries; webinars; podcasts; and other advocacy tools are available for download and wider use from the Stateless Journeys website.

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