#StatelessnessINDEX briefing: Statelessness determination and protection in Europe: good practice, challenges, and risks

Thematic Briefing

Stateless people face the risk of rights violations every day. The main reason for this is that most European States still don’t have an established process to identify stateless people, determine their statelessness, and provide them with a route out of limbo.

Briefing cover

Over the last three years, the European Network on Statelessness has been working with its members to research and compile up-to-date comparative information on statelessness in 27 European countries.

Our new thematic Statelessness Index briefing uses this information to provide a snapshot of how different countries are performing on statelessness determination and the protection of stateless people.

This briefing comes at pivotal moment setting out recommendations on key actions ahead of a major regional intergovernmental conference on statelessness organised by the Council of Europe and UNHCR in Strasbourg.

The briefing is the third in a series of thematic briefings developed by the European Network on Statelessness using data from its Statelessness Index, an online comparative tool that assesses European countries’ law, policy and practice on the protection of stateless people and the prevention and reduction of statelessness.

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