#YearOfSolutions: Tamas Molnar on the need to prioritise statelessness in international protection frameworks


Tamas Molnar from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights explains how the war in Ukraine has highlighted the issue and what organisations can do to bolster the voices of stateless people and give support to stateless communities on the ground.

Many stateless refugees in Europe are finding it difficult to get the protection they need. This is because only a handful of European States have legal and policy frameworks to identify and determine statelessness and to offer recognised stateless people the protection they are due under international law.

It is crucial that statelessness is identified and acted on as early as possible to ensure that stateless refugees can access the full scope of rights to which they are entitled.

European decision-makers must make 2023 a #YearOfSolutions and give statelessness the focus it needs and deserves. An understanding of the issue and the gaps in protection faced by stateless people is a vital first step. 

Our #StatelessJourneys website features a wealth of resources for those with lived experience, legal practitioners, decision-makers and others working in the migration and asylum sector.


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