WEBINAR: ‘Credibility Undermined’– Challenges Faced by Stateless Asylum Seekers in the UK


On Wednesday 11th October, we launched a new research report exploring the experiences of stateless Kurds from Syria in the UK asylum process.

Being stateless and being a refugee are distinct situations, but some refugees are also stateless. Some people have fled their home country due to persecution but they are not recognised as nationals of that (or any other) country. While research has been conducted on the situation of stateless refugees under international law, very little has been published on the experiences of stateless asylum seekers within asylum procedures.

This webinar presents research from a new report by Thomas McGee which will be published by ENS in October. The report explores the experiences of stateless Kurds from Syria in the UK asylum process. This research finds that stateless asylum seekers can experience unique challenges proving their country of origin, which poses particular challenges for stateless asylum seekers themselves, but also for decision makers considering their asylum claims. Attendees also heard from other experts on the relevance of these findings for wider statelessness law and policy, as well as its regional implications and impact on broader work on Country of Origin Information (COI).


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