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Submission to inform the European Commission 2024 Enlargement Package

Our written submission on progress towards addressing statelessness in EU Enlargement countries to inform the European Commission's (DG NEAR) 2024…
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The Finnish reform of the Nationality Act from a statelessness perspective: the good, the bad and the ugly

Following the election of a new Finnish government in 2023, the coalition in power has been pushing for reform of the current Nationality Act and…
/ Michel Rouleau-Dick, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Human Rights – School of Law – Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Law (FSEJ), Åbo Akademi University
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Making Landmark Strides: Türkiye's Addition to the Statelessness Index

Last month, Refugee Rights Turkey (RRT) and ENS launched a new country profile for Türkiye on the Statelessness Index. This new country profile…
/ Melis Gebeş, Programme Manager, Capacity Building & Advocacy Unit, Refugee Rights Turkey (RTT)
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Are we on the right track to address statelessness in Europe?

This time last year, I was reflecting on how governments across Europe are failing to take sufficient action to break the cycle of statelessness in…
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Toolkit to identify and address statelessness in Czechia

We have developed a national toolkit to identify and address statelessness in Czechia. 
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Launch of two new statelessnessINDEX countries - Georgia and Türkiye

Today, we are launching new country profiles on Georgia and Türkiye. This brings the total number of StatelessnessINDEX countries to 32.
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ENS, The AIRE Centre, ECRE, and DCR intervene before the ECtHR on Suji v. Greece

In partnership with The AIRE Centre, the Dutch Refugee Council, and the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), ENS has filed a third-party…
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Navigating Limbo: Rights of stateless people during the ongoing war in Ukraine

The full-scale invasion of Ukraine that started in February 2022 has worsened an already complicated situation for stateless and undocumented people…
/ Olena Tarasiuk, Anastasiia Koval and Sofiia Kordonets, Right to Protection

The Americas, lessons learned from two convergent processes

A decade after the launch of UNHCR’s #IBelong Campaign and Brazil’s 2014 Plan of Action, the Americas have undergone some transformative developments…
/ Francisco Quintana, Founder of the Americas Network on Nationality and Statelessness, Advocate, and Human Rights Expert on Latin America and the Caribbean
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The art of impact: Creating engaging video content for awareness campaigns

This behind-the-scenes blog serves as an exploration of my perspectives on the transformative power of video content in effectively engaging…
/ Erasmus Talbot, Filmmaker and Music Composer
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EU Parliament calls for strategy and action plan on statelessness

European Parliament report prioritises our recommendations in its annual report on fundamental rights, calling for a comprehensive strategy on…
ENS Interview with Elisabeth Tan, Director, UNHCR Division of International Protection Interviews

ENS Interview with Elisabeth Tan, Director, UNHCR Division of International Protection

ENS was pleased to catch up with Elizabeth Tan, Director of UNHCR's Division of International Protection, to ask about the Global Alliance to End…