ENS launches new report - Still Stateless, Still Suffering - Why Europe Must Act Now to Protect Stateless Persons

ENS has launched its report Still Stateless, Still Suffering – Why Europe Must Act Now to Protect Stateless Persons, which contains testimonies by…

Litigating for Statelessness Determination: The Promise of the European Convention on Human Rights?

An array of issues could potentially be pursued through litigation to improve the situation of stateless persons in Europe.
/ Caia Vlieks, Tilburg University

Act now and help protect stateless people across Europe!

When meeting a stateless person what is often so very striking is their understandable bewilderment about the situation they have been unlucky…
/ Chris Nash, ENS Coordinator
Ibrahim Blog

Ibrahim’s story: Hope for how a stateless person can start a new life in Slovakia thanks to legislative changes

“He is the soul of our centre. The most honest, responsible and hardworking person we have here. And he does not drink any alcohol! He is a Muslim,…
/ Katarína Fajnorová, The Human Rights League

Statelessness, state-building and biopolitics: the bidūn of Kuwait

One of the biggest challenges that the current configuration of the world brings is the persistent collisions between a romanticised “global” and a…
/ Ines Fernandes, School of Oriental and African Studies

Statelessness as a rising topic in EU external relations: Report on the Expert Meeting on Statelessness within the Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum

The Hungarian Ministry of Interior, in co-operation with Moldova, organized an expert meeting in the framework of the European Union (EU) Eastern…
/ Dr. Tamás MOLNÁR, Head of Unit for Migration, Asylum and Border Management, Hungarian Ministry of Interior